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Anxieties #1 - Imperfections.JPG
Anxieties #1: Imperfections
38" x 51"
Hand-dyed fabrics with commercial
blacks and whites

Anxiety Quilts

Beginning with a solid, architectural structure of black and white diagonals, I cut apart and manipulate the blocks. The cut-up bits and pieces usually swept off the floor and discarded are rescued and added as surface embellishment.
These bits and pieces add a sense of frenetic energy, or anxiety, to express an aspect of emotion - our "inner architecture." 
Sometimes, the bits and pieces are layered very heavily to express the idea of loss; the loss of memory, civility, or history. The underlying structure remains, but accretion obscures and changes it. 

Anxieties #1- Detail (Imperfections).JPG
 Imperfections Detail
Wheatley, V. Anxiety Quilt 2 - Cutting C
Anxieties #2: Cutting Corners
16" x 40"
Hand-dyed fabrics with commercial blacks and whites
Cutting Corners Detail
3 Anxieties #3 Breakdown 2100_edited_edi
Anxieties #3: Breakdown
38" x 47"
Hand-dyed fabrics with commercial whites
Not For Sale
Breakdown Detail
Anxieties 4 The River Lethe_edited_edite
Anxieties #4: The River Lethe
37" x 47"
Hand-dyed fabrics with commercial blacks and whites
Anxieties #4 The River Lethe detail resi
The River Lethe Detail
Anxieties #5 Don't Look Down resized and
Anxieties #5: Acrophobia
46" x 51" 
Hand-dyed fabrics with commercial blacks and whites
Not For Sale
Anxieties #5 Don't Look Down - Detail re
Acrophobia Detail

The following quilts are a continuation of my Anxiety Quilts, with a focus on disruptions. The basic block is still based on a string quilt with strip piecing (mostly black and white) in the center diagonal. 

The past few years have been filled with disruptions. Many things have changed, for better or worse.  These quilts reflect my thinking about the inevitability of change and the possibilities that open up as a result.

In these quilts I interrupt the traditional quilt pattern and my own pattern of designing, looking for new ways to express the "inner architecture"  of thoughts and emotions.

Disruptions 1_ Daily Routines
Anxieties #6: Daily Disruptions
72" x 58"
Hand dyed and commercial fabrics
8 Anxieties #6 Disruptions detail.jpg
Daily Disruptions detail
Anxieties 7: The Absence of Bees
Hand-dyed and commercial cottons
38" x 42:

The Absence of Bees detail 
Disruptions 2_ Supply Chain
Anxieties #8: Supply Chain Disruptions
Hand dyed and commercial fabrics
62" x 52"
Supply Chain Disruptions detail
Anxieties 9: Collision Course
Hand-dyed and commercial cottons, cotton and variegated threads
Machine pieced and quilted
42" x 43" 

Anxieties 9: Collision Course detail
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