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Disruptions 1_ Daily Routines
Disruptions #1: Daily Routines

Hand-dyed and commercial cottons
72" x 58"

This series of quilts is a continuation of my Anxiety Quilts, with a focus on disruptions. The basic block is still based on a string quilt with strip piecing (mostly black and white) in the center diagonal. 

The past few years have been filled with disruptions. Many things have changed, for better or worse.  These quilts reflect my thinking about the inevitability of change and the possibilities that open up as a result.

In these quilts I interrupt the traditional quilt pattern and my own pattern of designing, looking for new ways to express the "inner architecture"  of thoughts and emotions.

Disruptions 1 detail
Disruptions #1 detail
Disruptions 2_ Supply Chain
Disruptions #2: Supply Chain

Hand-dyed and commercial cottons
62" x 52"

Disruptions #2 detail
Disruptions 3 detail
Disruptions #3: The Absence of Bees

Hand-dyed and commercial cottons
38"x 42"
Disruptions 3 detail
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